Logic dictates that once you have slipped your left foot comfortably into one flip-flop, the right should also easily slip into the one next to it.

Which left me wondering why it didn’t… I couldn’t find my other flip-flop. I knew it was there, because I left it there when I slipped into bed last night.

At 3am in the morning logic doesn’t necessarily work; your mind is fuzzy, it is dark.

You are so frustrated, cursing about the location of the other flip-flop, and it is several moments before you realise that you have put your left foot in the right flip-flop.

Simple things can send you insane and leave you muttering like a demented fool as you finally rearrange yourself.

Brazil is all-a-dither.

Lady Gaga is here in Rio de Janeiro for a one-night-stand. If you misconstrued that, then you are probably also right given that she appears to have the morals of an alley cat.

Personally, I wouldn’t cross the street to see her because I consider her to be one of the poorest examples of humanity that exists, to say nothing of the fools that think the sun shins from her nether regions. She’s enough to make you gag gag.

Have you ever wondered why the aliens have never stopped by. In all probability that would have captured the radio/TV transmissions of Lady Gaga or other of her ilk and assumed that there was no intelligent life here.

Music, is it? Art, freedom of expression… More like crap. No wonder the world is totally screwed up.

A comment about my recent prolonged absences by Small Footprints in which she suggested ‘burn-out’ as the culprit, may well be right. I have been teaching split days for some six months now, last week I had the luxury of one shift a day for the week and it so uplifted me from my mental fug. That I have asked to relieved of the morning classes and this ends tomorrow. So I am hopeful that this change will bring me back from the land of the intermittent posting.

I treated myself to another R$18 can of black sludge (Murphy’s Stout) yesterday afternoon. It’s so expensive and so good for the soul, bad for the pocket, but good for the soul.

I didn’t post yesterday, not a word; so I must make up for it today. Even Change the World Wednesday on Eco-Crap will be on Thursday this week, and I have a lovely post to repost on Things that Fizz & Stuff all about the fried egg.

I finally got a new mouse (another new mouse) the last one was driving me batty with doubling the clicks.

So I’m off to the kitchen at 12:05 to make more coffee for breakfast…