Stupid Tart

Lady bloody Gaga on the news, Lady bloody Gaga on the chat shows, tha manager of the hotel where she is staying got interviewed. I saw an interview with her a few days ago, what a snotty-nosed stuck up spoiled brat! And to top it all off, she had nothing to say.

Show tonight, off to São Paulo tomorrow, so the news will have a field day again, then the following week she is off to Porto Alegre, more bloody Gaga.

Well, our American friends got another four years. Good, or bad? This election wasn’t about who would be good for America, rather who was the lesser evil. The lesser evil won.

This is an ass

Romney never smiled, he can’t. The closest he can come is a grimace, or at best a smirk.

Obviously the majority of Americans decided that a grimace or a smirk equals lies, of which Romney’s campaign had plenty.

He spent most of the campaign back peddling so hard and fast that I’m surprised he didn’t disappear right up his own arse (ass, for our American cousins who can’t tell the difference between a donkey and a rear end).

This is an arse, and a very pretty one

Must away, five hours of class ahead, more beer money. Hey, who knows, I might be able to afford another can of my black sludge.

Love my black sludge.