Danger: Caution is advised for vegies, vegans and the squeamish

Medalhões de Picanha on the skewer

Yes, this is a dead cow story.

The cows are dead, because the live ones won’t stay still on the churrasqueiro (BBQ);

I am escaping. One of the neighbours, actually she runs the soup stall in front of the botequim (bar), is celebrating her birthday today, and I have discovered that she has arranged for the Boa da Samba van to be present… I won’t be; not after last week. You can read about that in my post Feelings.

Now Nani, the girl in question, is lovely, she is the mother of teenagers, she likes this kind of thing, loud music, lots of people, whereas I don’t. I would dearly love to tell her to piss off, but I am far too much a gentleman, besides she makes great soups. Last night I had one for supper, caldo verde, it’s a greenish soup with shredded leafy vegetables in it and yummy things like bacon bits.

So, despite that I have been invited to attend, I will tender my apologies and retire to a quieter clime where they have lots of dead cow and a lovely salad bar.

I like mine done about so

My favourite cut is picanha. Picanha is top sirloin, but cut in the Brazilian manner, you don’t find it outside Brazil. Some places in the US have a Brazilian açougeiro (butcher) where there is a Brazilian community, there you will find it. The picanha can be grilled flat, or curled and spitted on a skewer so that the red meat is not pierced outside the layer of fat; that way it keeps in the juices.

Of course, that isn’t the only meat. There is a wide variety, sausages, spicy sausages, cupim (the hump on the back) which is particularly succulent, chicken hearts, rump steak cooked with oodles of crushed garlic, pork fillet, pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon, chicken legs, prime rib, T-bone, it’s all there; sometimes they have a rack of lamb chops. Then there is grilled cheese balls, and all this not to mention the salad bar which even has poorly made sushi.

Ah, that is not all. There is the beer, served in chilled handles, but tonight I might stick to red wine for a treat.