I see there’s a ‘storm in a tea cup’, or rather a cup of Claret. It has been called into question in England whether the judiciary should imbibe during the lunch break.

A long tradition of Claret with lunch for some judges in the Old Bailey.

And why not?

They have two hours. I am not afraid to have a beer with lunch, although it is frowned on. Admittedly, some would abuse the privilege and should be chastised in the event it affects one’s performance, such as a judge falling asleep on the bench in the afternoon.

For me it is a personal choice. If I were operating a machine in a factory, then I would be foolish to consider a lunchtime tipple.

It is interesting to note that while looking for an image to accompany this post, I discovered that there was a Saint Antoni Maria Claret, Brazil even has a Lieutenant Colonel Claret somewhere in the armed forces, a claret gnat fishing fly, Ray Ban Claret rimmed sunglasses, and my favourite…

(2009) Triumph Bonneville T100 – Claret aluminium silver right angle – Image: Triumph ©

Venezuela’s Chavez has built a monument to house the remains of Simón Bolivar; as some pundits have pointed out it looks more like a skateboarding ramp and is a monument to Chavez rather than the hero now entombed there.

It tried to rain, but barely managed to wet the ground. Now the sun is out.

My kitchen is in a state of shock, I washed the dishes.

Have the rest of the day to myself, only a lesson at 5:30pm and then it will be beer o’clock.