Pink grapefruit?

Then don’t eat or drink grapefruit.

Apparently recent findings show that 85 kinds of medication react badly or excessively with grapefruit or Seville oranges; even to the point of death.

In searching for an image to use, the vast majority of images are pink or red. I really had to search to find a yellow one. I was surprised, I’ve never seen a pink grapefruit in my life.

We now return to our regular programme following that public service announcement.

My reaction to Monday

Monday, came and went. It is now Tuesday.

Today it has rained. It has rained lightly, heavily and sporadically.

I should be at work, teaching, but at the time when I needed to make a decision to be a teacher today, or not, it was persisting down, it was torrential. Having made the decision NOT to be a teacher today and advised my students of that decision. It promptly stopped raining and the sun has come out. I could have been a teacher after all.

You see, I don’t own an umbrella; well, I did, but another teacher stole it from my classroom a year ago, so I remain umbrellaless. I refuse to buy another, so when it rains and I can’t get to work in at least a semi-dry functional state. I don’t, simple.

Inspiration has eluded me today, my guru has flown to coop. Maybe he had a bad day too and decided not to be a guru today. So my posts have been images, they’re easy and you don’t have to think too hard. I guess that’s why bloggers often have ‘wordless Wednesdays’.

I should keep a couple of cans in the cupboard for emergencies.

I had things to write about, but they have followed my guru. Now I can’t think of one of them. But surely, as soon as I hit the publish tab, they will all come flooding back; so you may/may not get them tomorrow, or the day after…