It’s the tail end of a hot busy day, so just a quick tale tonight


A small beach on the south side of the Paracas Peninsula.

Lagunilla Brach - image AV

Lagunilla Brach – image AV

Most tourist visit the area for the boat trip out to the Ballestas Islands, many then take the Paracas Tour visitng the musuem with the displays of the pre-Inca civilisations of the Cabeca Larga (big heads), off to scramble down the cliff and admire the large cave formation known as The Cathedral.

Then it’s off to Lagunilla for lunch. Beautiful blue water, beach know to have many sea urchins, so you must wear sandals even when swimming. For lunch you have a choice of four restaurants, each guide has his own preference.

The amazing thing is… there are no toilets, not one. You have to make do with what nature provides, because it’s a long trip back to Playa El Chaco or onward to Ica.