Oh for God’s sake squeeze it…

My sushi lunch, looked forward to for a month, was ruined. This woman on the opposite table had a zit on her breast. Now this was no ordinary zit, this zit was actually making a play to become a nipple, a festering red-rimmed yellow topped nipple. IT WAS DISGUSTING!


How can people be so callous?

Each time I would deftly pop a makimono, or sashimi into my mouth with hashi (chopsticks), I would look up… and there it was! Haunting me, taunting me.

I wanted to go over and say, “For God’s sake squeeze it!”

But, I deferred to my gentlemanly ways and restrained myself.

01_icecreamvan2Yesterday was hot, 40°C (106°F) was forecast, it was hotter. I got back from Barra, after pay day and forgetting to take my bills to pay, and the moment I got out of the van I felt like an icecream and began to melt.

I hobbled fast to pay the rent, then sought refuge in my favourite restaurant. They were surprised to see me because I had dined there the night before… no horrendous zits in sight. It took me about 30 seconds to quaff down the first pint of ice-chilled beer, the second I tried to behave more like my gentlemanly self.

I made a few hurried purchases on the main street and got the van home. I walked straight past the house to the botequim and had another litre of beer.

I took Ellen to the dentist this morning to have her chipped tooth fixed. She is happy now that both teeth are the same.

The horrifying news last night is that they forecast 42°C today. And believe me, they weren’t wrong.