The bastards!

They promised rain today, but it’s just as hot as yesterday. Although, I will admit there’s a slight wind.

bombsCulture shock. One of the things that I am still not used to here in Brazil, is that it is an honour to drive through town on a fire truck. Famous people, alive and dead, get the honour.

Now to me that is weird. A fire truck is a truck, it’s not a limousine.

It was brought home to me again this week with the death of Oscar Niemeyer, the famous architect. His coffin was transported everywhere on a fire truck. The Brazilians consider this a great honour. For me it’s just plain weird.

You see, here in Brazil, the Corpo de Bombeiros (Fire Dept) are a part of the military. I see a fireman the same as I see a policeman or a traffic warden, just another profession.

I would consider it an indignity to be taken on my last ride on a truck, but then I suppose I wouldn’t know.

First we had Lady Ga Ga, this week it has been Madonna. More confusion. Another prime example of what we shouldn’t be exposing our kids to.

Madonna models herself on Marilyn Munroe one of the most despicable examples of humanity that has passed the stage and silver screen.

A spoiled lazy bitch.

Madonna needs psychiatric help modelling herself after her.

Pineapples. Today the pineapple truck passed, I bought three. I have evil plans. I am going to make Piña Colada and take the jug to the botequim.

I just love Piña Coladas.

Easy to make. Rum (I’m using Barcardi), coconut milk, cream, crushed pineapple (a lot of people use just the juice, but the ‘colada’ means crushed), into the blender with ice…