12-12-12 may have been a great day to be born, but it was crap for me and Brazilian football (soccer for our American cousins).

Major Cockup is a member of any armed forces who appears whenever something goes wrong, he’s a close relation to a General F**kup who often appears as well.

Firstly me, my PC crashed in style.

It was having a gender identity crisis, it didn’t want to be a PC anymore.

After three hours of tinkering, bandaids, a new rubber band and many four letter words I managed to convince it that its vocation in life was to do PC-like things.

That and a threat that Windows XP wasn’t the only window it would be seeing that morning.

But it sought revenge. I lost all my passwords, my email disappeared, and probably some other buts and pieces that I have yet to discover.

Meanwhile, I blog along…

I stayed up to watch the Wednesday night football; São Paulo vs Tigre from Argentina. Their first game ended in a 0-0 last week after a very dirty game and a piss poor arsehole referee who swept the dirt under the turf.

Last night’s first half was just as dirty, Brazilian player Lucas got his nose bloodied and the arsehole referee didn’t see anything; in fact he gave a yellow card to the Brazilian goalkeeper for daring to point out the error of his ways.

Police try to separate players at half time (Photo: Agência Reuters)

Half time and much confusion. The police had to go down to the players dressing rooms to sort out the confusion that resulted in the Tigre team deciding to invade the Brazilian team’s area and continue the dirt. Two players were ‘red-carded’ in the changing room confusion.

After a lot of negotiation, the Tigre cowards wouldn’t show, and the game awarded to São Paulo.

Tigre played the dirtiest football I have ever seen. They were clearly outclassed by São Paulo and the only way to reduce the deficit was to play dirty.

My opinion, Tigre should be removed from football.

After days of waiting, we finally got rain last night, a torrential downpour for an hour which cooled the night off and made for sleeping.