A big bang

No, I am not talking about the creation of the universe, nor in fact, a compromise with an overweight call girl. although there was a lot of banging last night.

Last night was New Year.

As I predicted, I spent the latter part of the evening, after my TV soap, at the botequim. There were still a few hangers-on. There was a TV show, Show da Verada (verada = turning) featuring famous Brazilian artists, none of whom I consider any good, singing worn out songs that were played ad nauseum during the year. I sat at a table on the praça opposite the botequim and watched the toings & froings of the neighbourhood while I delighted in my two cans of black sludge (Murphy’s Irish Stout). Various hands were shaken, or wrung dry (depending on the state of play), backs were slapped and Feliz ano novos declared. Many big bangs from the surrounding area as people couldn’t wait for midnight.


The first salvo – image O Globo

I didn’t open my bottle of Italian bubbly because there was no one, in the end, to share it with at midnight. Reimundo closed the bar about 11:30 and was off to his daughter’s for the verada, I went home and at midnight watched the Globo show and the firework shows around Brazil, principally Copacabana. 24 tonnes of fireworks from 11 barges anchored off the beach lit the sky for a solid 16 minutes to entertain 2.3 million people gathered on the beach. All the while there were plenty of local fireworks rending the air asunder above and around me.

The TV show finished, click, off, cold shower and bed.

I awoke this morning thinking, I should feel refreshed, clean, ready to take on the world; it’s a pity the dishes didn’t have the same thought, they are still there waiting to be refreshed and clean. The world doesn’t always work as we would have it.

I made coffee, and I sit here at the keyboard… Nothing has changed.