No image of that…

Yes, I have been so bored today that I have been playing Spider to while away the time. Can’t do much else, it’s been raining cats and dogs all day. Not that I am complaining, we badly needed rain, but the amount of rain that has fallen since last night has been more than a lot.

Everything was swept before the waters

In Xerem, a small quiet township between Queimados (where I used to live) and Petroplis has been badly affected. The river through Xerem broke its banks and flooded the township leaving in its wake a wave of destruction. Homes have been flooded, some even swept away, it was hard to tell the river from the main street. So far only one death has been reported, but hundreds of families are without homes.

Years ago I had friends who lived there and used to visit the area frequently.

Classes are cancelled, too wet to leave the house.

I am more than miffed again. My blog Things that Fizz and Stuff refuses to let me post. What’s worse, is that when I try, it loses everything and presents me with a blank posting page. I can’t Save, I can’t Preview and so far it only effects one blog. So I am a little demotivated.

So all is not well with the world. I am not so impressed with the first three days of the New Year.