spider-2005-12-13…and I stopped playing with myself.

But I am still bored. Spider patience gets boring sometimes. It’s the only game that I play on the PC when I want a rest. I have never played any of these new fangled games.

I managed finally to post on Things that Fizz and Stuff, the scheduled post (scheduled before the problem) appeared okay, I had forgotten it in my miffedness and only discovered it when I made a test post that worked.

Still cool, which makes it pleasant, it tries to rain but can’t quite make it. I went for a walk to the supermarket and did some shopping. That’s pretty good for me, about 3kms on my walkingstick; although it is cool, I still raised a sweat.

Christmas Silly Season is officially over. I ate the last piece of panetone as dessert after lunch.

So that’s it until next December. Also, I was rather disappointed that the supermarket had run out of black sludge, my wallet was happy, but I was sad. Actually, I had resolved that I wouldn’t indulge today, because it is expensive.

In 10 minutes I have to think about work. It’s Friday afternoon, and I’d rather not think about it, but it is a necessary evil. Another 20 minute walk, it’s just tried to rain again, so I am hoping that it will hold off until I am at work.

Keep a look out

TV is full of advertising for a new season (three months) of Big Brother Brazil. Those bloody stupid little robots really piss me off, as does the whole programme.

Talk about pathetic.

I mean Brazilian public TV is already pathetic, this programme reduces it to the banal and beyond.

Still, it means early nights.

So, I’ll make like the pigeons, and flock off!