…it just isn’t worth getting out of bed.

failed_stampDuring the weekend, I had a shit connection which lasted until Monday night. Yesterday, what I saw of it over the keyboard, the connection was okay. Yesterday was my pay and shopping day. I lost $100! Two R$50 notes in my top pocket disappeared, grrrrrrrr!

Today, I just tried posting a video clip on my Things that Fizz & Stuff blog, but the WordPress blog options didn’t give that blog as an option…. Oh cool, so I posted a bogus post here and thought Okay, copy paste into the correct blog. Wrong! So I had to make a link here and leave the bogus post.

That explains the XXX post.

Cool today, a little sun, but mainly cloud cover.

Connection is good.

The coffee is good.

Coffee is always good, but it’s getting expensive. In the last six years the price has more than doubled; and the politicians still insist that we don’t have inflation.

I don’t have classes today, which is a good reason to consider it beer o’clock.