The last three days have been much cooler; 20°C cooler, in fact, and raining, lots and lots of rain. Yesterday when I got home from class I was saturated from head to foot.

Image – Celso Pupo/AE

Lots of damage done overnight to at-risk housing, highways, bridges, trees and flooding through the state.

I had plans today, but they have all gone by the board. My students for tonight have all cancelled, so I have a day off… again.

While I like days off, it doesn’t do much for the wallet.

I had a wonderful lunch, poached merluza with capers.  Merluza do alasca is Pacific hake. Just dump the frozen fillets in the oven try, cover with milk, pour on some olive oil, add a couple of spoons of capers and season with pepper and salt. Couldn’t be easier; a real slap-dash meal. I have a big fillet left, I might make fish balls for lunch tomorrow….

Too cool to think about beer o’clock, so I’ll just doodle on here.

Blogging right along.