Sternen Stempel blau MONDAYNo, not that kind of drying out. I drink, but not so much that I need treatment.

Monday, it rained. But not until I reached the bus stop to go to work. I got off the bus in the midst of a terrific rain storm. I waited in the bus shelter for a bit, hoping that the rain would ease, it did not. So it was a mad dash (hobbling as fast as I could on my walkingstick) for work; a distance of about 300 metres (roughly yards). By the time I got there I was saturated, even my socks squelched.

I gave my two hour lesson and my student offered me a ride home, which I gratefully accepted.

So it is easy to see why I hate Mondays.

Tuesday, day off. No classes, but plenty of rain in the evening. Once again my temporary measures to prevent the rain entering the hole for the air conditioner (which ) don’t have) threatened to give way as water began to seep into my bedroom again. Emergency dash into the yard in underpants and T-shirt to rectify the situation. Saturated once again, I then discovered that the drain in the yard had backed up, so dripping wet I got the plunger from the toilet and out into the rain again. I couple of quick strong pumps with the plunger and the water began to flow like a miniature whirlpool.

So now I hate Tuesdays too.

We are due for more rain this afternoon, so Wednesdays could well be added to the list.

I forgot to pay the rent. I have to do that today and then work. One lesson at the factory, then a quick dash on the bus for the next lesson at another course.

See, Wednesday is rapidly heading for the list.