Yes, like every day this week. Rain has been a Monday – Thursday thing; and there is no reason why it won’t happen again.

But sometimes the sun shines.

Last night one of my students told me of his plans, to finish his project at work, get involved in Carnaval, take his holidays and get married to his long term girlfriend. But to do three of these things he needs a lot of money, he then informed me that English teachers are on the expendable list. Two more lessons until Carnaval and that’s it.

But the sun shines.

Having polar bears in the kitchen is not recommended

He wanted to know if I could use a fridge. Now the fridge I have works, but has to be defrosted manually every couple of weeks. If I don’t preform this ritual, I have polar bears roaming the kitchen at night. But it has kept my beer cold for the last year. The fridge I have been offered is like a limousine compared to the truck that graces my kitchen at present. And the price is unbeatable, the last two lessons and R$100. It is almost new, It still has the warranty adhesive.

I paused to give a lesson, my student has now gone. Lixo is still alseep on the sofa unfazed that life continues around him.


Lixo lying on the slate floor in the shower to escape the heat of the day

From time to time, I make observations about life. Yesterday was no different. Living alone I find the necessity to shut the toilet door unecessary, it also allows ingress to Lixo, who as soon as he hears the toilet seat being lowered, rushes in for a pet. Yesterday was no different. But yesterday, he tired of being petted and decided to have a snack. His dining room, beside the fridge is right in front of the toilet door, so I had a good view. I observed a phenomenon that had never occurred to me before. When Lixo lies flat to eat, his balls rest on the floor. I’m not sure that I would feel comfortable if mine were when I ate.

Sometimes one observes strange things, which in turn produces strange thoughts.

Last night I dined out, as a hard working English teacher I deserve that occasionally.  On arriving back home during a prolonged downpour it was easier to dive from the taxi into the bar rather than stand at the gate unlocking it and getting into the house to avoid getting saturated. One thing lead to another, one beer lead to another and before long it was after midnight and people stared wondering what was going on; one even ventured to say “AV’s still on the street after midnight, what’s happened?” It’s true, I am rarely on the street at that hour, normally at midnight I am safely in bed.

Back to my daily routine. I have to make a decision… Do I have lunch, or a nap?