keep-calm-it-s-almost-beer-o-clockYes, I have posted on all my blogs today, and it’s only 3pm. This is the last before beer o’clock.

My new fridge didn’t eventuate. I arrived at the appointed place at the appointed time, but he wasn’t home. Disappointment. I can’t get him on the phone either. I guess we’ll do it during the week.

Lixo has been doing the housework. He has slept all morning on my jeans and now they look freshly ironed.

It’s been a noisy day. My neighbour is laying cement and finishing off his balcony veranda above the botequim. I let him store his material in the yard, so I have ahd workmen in and out all morning. It’s quiet at the moment, I think they have figured out it is beer o’clock.

So, without further ado, I feel socially obliged to join them.