precoffeeThere is only one thing that is worse than being ‘pre-Coffee’ and that is being pre-Coffee on a Monday morning. It does nothing for the disposition.

The UrbanDictionary defines pre-Coffee as “The amount of coordination that most caffeine addicts have before their first cup of coffee.”

Seriously, there should be pre-Coffee, that’s coffee you can have while you are making your morning coffee. I usually have this in the form of left-over coffee from yesterday, reheat for first cup and while making fresh coffee. But I miscalculated my need for coffee yesterday.

I’ve had my first and I am now running on three cylinders, the last cylinder should kick in after this cup. I had an old car like that. A Vauxhall Wyvern, it was the four cylinder model of the same Velox.


It always grunted to start in the morning, and it didn’t have to be a Monday. A lovely old car about 1954 or 56, can’t remember. Actually it was my father’s, but I used to get to drive it. Oh, I paid for the privilege, mileage plus full tank out, full tank in; it wasn’t for free. That is until I rolled it when I was sixteen. The wreck was a write-off. My father was not amused, especially as he had just reconditioned the motor.

Yesterday I was at the keyboard like a one-armed paper-hanger. I posted a Satireday on Shit Happens that proved enormously successful, well, at least by my humble standards. The post attracted 50+ likes and two more have arrived while writing this. I have never had more than a 15-Like post before, so for me this was phenomenal. Especially on Shit Happens because it usually gets about 5 – 10 visitors on a good day. So being a responsible blogger, I visited, commented and Liked, all the blogs that had been to mine. I found one seriously funny blog, very well written, totally irreverent, but not smutty; The Jiggly Bits, you have to go and have a look, she does indeed talk about the ‘jiggly bits’.

Part of the success was bloggers who reblogged, about six, so the post got quite a good coverage.

He was something like this

Well, the rain continues. As I wrote that sentence the sun came out. It rained all weekend up until making the coffee this morning. Lixo slept on the bed all night, which he doesn’t do often now that he is a big cat; he spends most of his nocturnal hour tom-catting around the neighbourhood. But after coming in from doing his business outside, he was wet, bedraggled and not amused and wanted breakfast, NOW!

Well, I am firing on all cylinders now, I need to refuel and then I’ll blog right along.