I got my new fridge last night.


Today, I replace the old one.


Shops were crowded, I hate crowded shops

Finally managed to go shopping with the ex and Ellen Suelen (Emmylee, 6, was left home asleep). School books aren’t cheap. First we went to one shop, not very crowded. Then we went to another, crowded. I commented to ex if this is crowded, it’s because it’s cheaper than the other one; which proved to be correct. We browsed exercise books, pens, pencil, rubbers (NO, not those rubbers, silly Americans… erasers), water bottles, and finally back packs. Wow, some of those back packs were expensive; put Barbie on it and the price shoots up to 3x more than I was prepared to spend on everything.

We walked out with three big bags and I was R$200 (+/-USD100) poorer. That managed to outfit the two girls.

We checked another store for baby clothes. When ex and I were un-ex, we had a neighbour a few blocks away, big family, seven kids and two of them spent more time at our place than home, Gabriel and Vitoria. Well, last Saturday Vitoria gave birth to a daughter @ 17, so seeing as I had been Vitoria’s (granddad) for the best part of five years, I couldn’t let the occasion go unmarked. I got a little pink girly dress and her first denim dress, not actually denim, but denim-like material suitable for baby with a little white top.

Then it was lunch time, so what else to do, but have lunch. Topic of converstion; contraception. Ellen Suelen is 14 this year, and using Vitoria’s teenage pregnancy as an example, ex and I discussed the matter with Ellen. She is still in the ‘Yuck, boys’ stage, but as I said, who knows when a ‘Justin Bieber’ will walk around the corner and the heart talks louder than the head. I knew that she liked the Bieber, message hit home. Achievement unlocked.

By the time we had finished lunch, all the walking had taken its toll, and I was ready for a nap, so they got the bus home, I got the Kombi home, and napped.

Now, I must look at getting my fridges changed over.




It’s in, locked and loaded!