Priorities are important

Priorities are important

The house looks as though some demented dervish has run amok and I have new students arriving in just over an hour.

Challenge: Make the house presentable…

But first, I must blog, you see I have my priorities in the right order.

My new fridge is working fine, beer is cold.

Random thought, “I must buy some food to put in it.”

Tomorrow is close enough for that. Never do today what you can put off for tomorrow.

Here is the comparison…

Old fridge – nothing fancy, worked, looks terrible. The previous owner had put some adhesive covering on the front and the glue never came off.

Old fridge, a truck

Old fridge, a truck

New fridge, clean and sparkly…


New fridge - a limousine

New fridge, a limousine

So now that I have a ‘new’ fridge, I am expecting lower electricity bills, that combined with this months 18% reduction in tariffs, I should be a millionaire by Easter.

Well, now that I have satisfied my insatiable desire to post on the last blog today, I will set about making the house presentable.