black-mourning-ribbonI am mourning.

Last night I got the phone call that everyone dreads.

My younger brother rang and told me that our mother had passed away two hours earlier.

A nasty shock, as I had spent 20 minutes on the phone to her the previous night. Our usual Saturday night rendezvous and she sounded on top of the world and I told her so and she agreed.

A time for reflection. I am the eldest and Mum was always there, and now she’s not.

I will not be travelling for the funeral, because of the fuso horario (can’t think of the English) crossing the International Date Line means I would arrive after the funeral. Got it, time zone.

Mum and I had always been matter of fact about such matters, and she had once said that if I ever come back to NZ, do it before she goes; after is pointless. I never thought I would be in that position, my brother agreed on the phone.

Mum was never up with technology, she wouldn’t have known a blog if she tripped over it… but in the event there is a celestial blog; Bye Mum, we had tough times and good times, now I have memories to treasure.