Hate_MondaysWhat a balls up!

I have ex & kids coming over today for a ‘dead cow’ experience. So off to the supermarket for some ‘dead cow’. Waited half an hour for local transport, none.

Off to catch the bus. Supermarket was crowded, finally got to the butchery dept, no ‘dead cow’, no ‘dead pig’, no ‘dead chickens’…

Left the cart in the middle of the queue and walked out. Taxi to other supermarket. Supermarket was crowded, but at least they had ‘dead cows, pigs and chickens’; so now we can have our BBQ.

nomiddlemanOf course, it’s Monday, I should have realised that it would be SNAFU.

I should have had more coffee, direct, no middleman; perhaps intravenous would have been good.

I had other things to write about… Now what were they?

Hmmm, it’s beer o’clock, I’ll have an ale or two while I think about them.

Here’s a thought…

Have you ever wondered why beer is like a woman’s breasts?




One is not enough!

Oh, and the chances of me posting more today, are slim, very very slim.