Cupid is Creepy

Cupid is Creepy

Yes, not a single Valentine wish.

I detest Valentines Day, not because I don’t get Valentines, but because it’s a commercial con job.

A nice story hi-jacked by commerce.

Another hot day, I was already sweating at 7am, it never really cooled overnight. Sleep was impossible before 3am, then I got barely 4 hours.

Classes at 4pm, home at 9pm; another exciting day ahead.

I went for a wander round the corner. A hairdresser has appeared on the next corner, so being one to support local enterprise, I thought I would get my hair and beard cut. Closed! Clapped at the gate of the house (Brazilians clap at the gate, generally they don’t have bells) “Sorry, Mom only opens at 2:30.” Hurrrumph! Walk back home. I really need to get my hair cut, it’s getting shaggy and the kids are calling me Papai Noel (Father Christmas) again, so the beard has to go as well. I don’t mind the Papai Noel bit in December, but February is taking commercialism a bit far.

Watered my plants. See my life is so full of excitement. I could wash the dishes, but I don’t want to get overexcited. Oh, and the highlight of the day, I cleaned the BBQ after Tuesday’s affair.

Lixo has the right idea. Sleep on the floor. Maybe I should join him…