Nostalgia Trip!

When I was a kid, I had a favourite pudding.

Three Quarter Hour Pudding

Something happened the other day and took me back years. My mother died two weeks ago, and I suddenly thought, OMG, the world will never see this pudding again. Even though I haven’t had it in well more than 30 years, I suddenly missed it, and Googled it.

My Mum never used a recipe book for this one, as a kid I guessed it was her receipe, even though we never discussed the origin.

treacleYes, on Google, there it was…

On the Chelsea sugar company site.

I can’t find an image that looked like Mum’s. But I remember that she served it at the table in the steaming bowl and dolloped it out onto our plates with a spoonful of Golden Syrup. My father preferred Treacle, and I followed in that preference; they say like father, like son.

This was also posted on Things that Fizz & Stuff today, but it’s a part of me, so it belongs here too.

Yesterda’y crumbed hake and Roquey Cheese sauce was wonderful; and the good news is, I have some left over for today. Waste not, want not.

I really should go and water my plants outside, they are doing a serious wilt and making me feel guilty of neglect.

I washed the dishes this morning. *Round of applause* I actually washed my coffee mug, which is unusual because it never stays empty long enough to wash.

Heating up lunch.