Occasionally, one does stupid things. They say coffee helps you do them faster. Yesterday was one of those days; and it wasn’t even a Monday.

They’ve got stacks of them

I went to town. I needed new shoes.

As we were passing a computer shop, I yelled “Stop!” The kombi driver nearly pooped himself and the other passengers were so startled looking around for the reason to stop.

I had planned for months to visit this shop, they were selling reconditioned PCs for R$249 with monitor and I wanted to see them. I have plans to buy one for the kids. It’s payback time for my ex… can you just imagine the uproar when you’ve got four PC literate kids and one PC in the house? Think about that. Sometimes my evil side works overtime. I also bought a new CD-ROM and cable that I had needed for sometime.

Any, moving right along. I walked and walked visiting shoe shops along the Calçadão (it’s a pedestrian street of shops), checking them all and only finding expensive ones. I was actually on my way to a shop where I had seen the pair I wanted, but I checked, just in case.

I finally ended up in the last shop. Made my purchase and left the shop wearing my new prizes. It wasn’t all that long before I realised the folly of the idea. You see when I went to put clean socks on, one had a hole; the day old pair had a hole too. So I wore a pair of those stupid little sockettes that I bought by mistake once and didn’t have holes.

The leather of the boots began to rub the back of my leg; at first it was irritating, then annoying, then a little sore, until it was finally unbearably painful. To top it all off it was a stinking hot day. I passed Brazeiro (my fav restaurant) ah, cold refreshing air, seats, BBQ and beer, so I followed my instincts.

I had a wonderful lunch and then a taxi home.

I took my new boots off and inspected the damage. There was a little chaff mark, not a quarter inch round; something that small could be so painful…

Geez, I’m a sook.