Piccy, BBC

The Pope leaves the Vatican (piccy of pretty virginal white helicopter)

The Pope washed his hands (probably with white soap)

The Pope farted (hmmm, do Popes fart?)

Who cares?

What does an unemployed Pope do?

I think he should join the dole queue like anyone else. He resigned, he didn’t retire, therefore there should be no popy benefits. It’s not as though he is God or someone semi-important.

The last two days have been cooler, with some heavy rain.

Yesterday, I left home and halfway walking to work it began to rain, then stopped when I arrived, but I was already soaked. Walking home, it started to rain heavily and stopped when I got home, soaked again.

I think God is punishing me just because of my views about the Pope.

It’s not because I am not a Catholic, if the Protestant head got the same treatment, I’d be slinging off about him. I don’t play favourites.

Then we’ll have the play offs for the Pope Finale… to see who gets to destroy the world a little more.

Oh, later, I have to go to work.