Many parts of the city were flooded

Many parts of the city were flooded

When I posted yesterday’s no-post, I hadn’t seen the news. I had badly underestimated Tuesday’s downpour. I knew it was a lot of water and there ws plenty of thunder and lightning. It wasn’t until I saw a tree down in the park, then the news over my sushi lunch.

The rainfall was 70% of the statistically expected for March that fell in an hour, four people died, one washed away, one crushed by a tree and two electrocuted. More than a hundred trees fell throughout the city, damaging power lines and destroying cars and buildings; and the power was cut in many parts of the city. The new Maracanã stadium being reformed for the World & Federations Cups was flooded as well.

Decrepit old men

Decrepit old men well past their validity date

I was watching the news last night, an item about the cardinals going into conclave to vote for a new pope. What a bunch of doddery old men? Surely these men are so old they must be out of touch with reality, with what’s happening in the real world. It amazes me how such a group of old men can elect one of their own to lead the world’s largest church. No wonder the Catholic church lives in the stoneage. The new pope should be about 30 years old, then the church might see some progress and renew it’s lost flock.

It’s lunch time.

I am going to beat three pieces of picanha, just to make sure it’s dead, into weinerschnitzelable thickness and proceed with the crumbing, frying to a delicate golden brown and eating.

So, nom noms, later.