beerAfter yesterday’s depressing news, I opted for a comfort stop last night after class. Yes, I headed for Brazeiro, my favourite BBQ restaurant, red meat and beer…

Oh, the bliss!

But I was a good boy. I avoided the other gout irritating foods like scallops, herring, turkey and liver. They didn’t have any…. LOL!

I am currently looking out the window. It has decided to rain somewhat heavily, just an hour before I am due to leave for work. If it continues, I’ll cancel the first class and hopefully stay dry for the second.

I had hoped to go early and pass by downtown to pay my rent. But I have this aversion, get wet to part with money… don’t be stupid! I had also hoped to buy an extension chord and remote for my ‘new’ TV and do my reorg tomorrow. But that can wait.

mr_bean_popeI see we have been poped!

I was a bit disappointed that it only took five votes over two days. You get a better deal with Big Brother, at least they are sequestered for three months. I have about the same level of interest in both the conclave and BB… zero! You can read about the similarities on They Say it’s in the Genes.

Now, the big question is, can Pope Francis drag the church screaming from the Middle Ages?

I need more coffee…