ablog-postit-noteTruly, I must.

I didn’t yesterday, but then it was Friday and Fridays are normally a messed up day for me.

I have a private student on Friday morning and I have a nap in the afternoon after lunch, that is if I have lunch.

When my student hadn’t arrived after an hour, I rang him unsuccessfully. Soon after he returned the call and explained that I had woken him, then further explaining that he’d had a heart attack the previous Tuesday and was on medication that made him sleepy. So an English lesson was the last thing on his mind. I was surprised at the news because he is younger than me by at least ten years and had always appeared in such good health. You just never know.

So, no student, I went to pay my rent and buy the necessary items, an extension cord and remote for my ‘new’ TV.


New TV, complete with hat on top, it’s where I keep it

The rest of the afternoon was doing my planned reorg of the living room. One sofa upended to create the platform for my new behemoth, because I didn’t have faith that the previous computer desk that supported the old one would have the strength to support the much heavier ‘new’ one. Now I had to shift the other sofa, the one I recline on to watch TV, but before that, the ‘drinks cabinet’ had to be moved. The old computer desk was now redundant and went outside and I finally arrived at a solution that would do. Of course with each piece of furniture moved it required the obligatory spring clean.

By the time I had finished there was no time for a nap and I had to go to work. Two students had already canceled which left just the 4pm class. Eventually, he rang me 45 minutes late. He was returning from an in-state city and was taking longer than he anticipated, so he canceled. There was only one solution, walk home again.

The botequim has been painted blue and has a new sign

The botequim has been painted blue and has a new sign, pesky little dog that barks incessantly on the veranda above

By the time I got in front of the botequim, I discovered it was beer o’clock.

The beer company AMBEV have paited the botequim frontage in corporate colours and mounted a sign announcing to all and sundry that this is Raimundo’s Bar. Rather redundant, we all know that.

Later after answering comments on my blogs, I felt sorely in the need for sushi as I hadn’t eaten all day, just coffeed and beered.

Taxi to sushi restaurant. All was in darkness, it had apparently shut down, so off to the next sushi restaurant. Oh no! The sign on the corner had gone, had this restaurant shut down too? Was there some epidemic, some hideous virus that was attacking sushi restaurants?

Luckily we got in front to find the lights on and all was well.

Once inside and settled, I ordered beer, only to discover the price had gone up, then I discovered the price of the rodizio had also gone up, and not by a little. I enjoyed my sushi. But my troubles weren’t over, I had ordered a taxi with the first driver for 8:30, it didn’t arrive; somewhat miffed I rang, he hadn’t passed the message on and it would be another 20 minutes before a car was free. Gnashing my teeth I waited in the light drizzle, finally lights on the horizon and I was taken home.

So while I got some things done, it was a bit like a Monday for things going wrong.

*Sigh* Friday