Lazy Lixo is a great teacher

Lazy Lixo is a great teacher

Yes, I have. Guess who my teacher is?

This weekend I have been decidedly lazy.

I have been blogging, yesterday I managed to post on them all, and today I’m heading in that direction, in fact, after Sunday Travel Tales here later, I will have double posted on three blogs. Now that is almost unheard of.

I’ve lost a chord…


No, not that type of chord, this type of cord; the USD cable that connects my printer to my PC.

When I bought my PC almost a year ago the deal included a printer. Well, I don’t have much use for a printer, but I have just received a document from NZ that I am required to fill out, so I resolved that I should install it. Everything was going along just fine, until the instruction ‘fit the USB cable’, great, I went to plug in the cable and, whoops! It was the wrong cable. I have searched high and low, I found nooks and crannies that I had forgotten existed, but no cable; just a lot of dust.

So I turned the PC back on and resumed blogging. I’ll have to go to tomorrow and see if I can find one.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying one of my favourite albums by Moody Blues. You can enjoy them too.


Later, it’s football time… which means beer o’clock.