funny-cat-dog-petting-guideI found this yesterday.

I know I didn’t post, but I was here.

I went shopping in the morning. Had to buy a cable for printer, a carpet square and some food.

All achievements unlocked.

Lixo allows me more liberties than the chart. Like I get to play with his tail and I can stick my fingers behind the pads of his paws and tickle in the hollow.

Sometimes, just sometimes, if I catch him waking for a nap and he rolls over, I get to tickle his chest and tummy.

As you can see, dogs just aren’t at all fussy.

This morning I had wargames with PC. I had to install the printer.

I cannot connect the E drive and the CDROM at the same time. The E drive disappears, and it won’t connect to the net. I can connect one or the other, but not both drives. One day, I’ll get it figured out.


acorelPrinter installed and working; all to print one official document.

I also took the opportunity to install CorelDraw 10, so I’ll be able to make my own funnies. I know CorelDraw v.Umpteen Dozen is out, but too many whistles and bells I’ll never use. I like 10.

So it has been a productive day. I have posted on all but Shit Happens blog, although I have an idea after Obama’s visit to Palestine.

I’ll think about that over coffee, while I’m getting ready for work.