I have guests arriving in about an hour for a BBQ.


Do NOT believe the sign

The meat is still in the fridge, I haven’t begun to marinate it. I still have potatoes to peel and cook for a potato salad, I still have a lettuce salad to make. I haven’t even thought about putting out tables and chairs or even buying charcoal. I have garlic butter to make, bread rolls to prepare.

The padeiro (breadman) that passed this morning in the rain thought I was crazy to have a BBQ today. Now the sun is shining, the birds are chirping; I told him the weather wouldn’t dare disappoint me.

One of the reasons for my dallying, is that my noon students decided on an 8am start today, then I needed a nap. I managed a Caturday post, but that’s it. I haven’t done a damned thing today, not even the dishes… yeah, so what’s new? Even this morning’s coffee was yesterday’s leftover.

I did pickle some beetroot last night… hopefully it will be pickled enough to use today. Usually I like to leave it three days before opening.



I am not whining, just saying.

So having said, I will now rattle my dags.

For those of you who are not familiar with the saying ‘to rattle ones dags’, the dags are the poopy bits that cling to the wool around a sheep’s bum. When they are dry and the sheep runs, they literally rattle.

Hence the saying, when one must get mobile, a move on, etc, their dags must rattle…

It’s a NZ rural farmy thing.

But rattling ones dags happens in the best of families, even my late mother used the saying.

Impromptu is best.



It has taken me an hour and two minutes and all is ready; well, nearly all, just the lettuce salad to make and mix the potato salad.

The ribs are all cut, I had a side of pork ribs, the meat is all marinated, the garlic butter done…

Here’s the crunch – The ex rang to say she is broke until tomorrow and they can’t get here today. In Brazil one expects these sorts of things.

So now I have to wash the meat, or it will be too salty and save it all.

But this will not perturb me. I will have a mini-BBQ for me for lunch with beer… and do it all again tomorrow.

Now isn’t that just a wonderful idea?

Later, it’s nearly beer o’clock.


Image from: Tooft Designs, lots of lovely clocks, you should check it out.