Just thought I’d let you know.

Three day weekend coming up.

Yesterday, after I posted, I finally got all the BBQ dishes done. The sink blocked up and looked like the Rio Guandú from yesterdays post. But got it going again and my kitchen is all sparkling clean again.

I had pizza last night for dinner, then I had pizza leftovers for lunch today. Bacon and mushroom pizza, nom noms.

Cyprus, just a little island

Cyprus, just a little island

Who is watching the news about Cyprus, or don’t you care? I mean, it’s just a little island in the Mediterranean. The only people who care about it are the Turks and the Greeks. But Cyprus is in deep shit. And you would do well to watch what happens there, because it’s coming to a government near you. People should be getting their money out of banks just as fast as their little legs can carry them, before you can’t, just like the Cypriots. The best buy at the moment is a safe. Take your money and keep it safe from the money hungry hands of you darling elected officials begin thinking.

Other headline news, The Pope is going to be washing the feet of young offenders… I personally don’t care if he wipes the smelly backsides of cows. It’s not headline news. Tell us something important; like what shitty tricks our governments are up to.

I love clutter. I’m happy in a cluttered state. If things are tidy, I can never find stuff. If I put something down somewhere, I know exactly where it is. I read a blog post yesterday about decluttering and organising, it was quite depressing to think that all these people are going to lose things because they can’t remember where it got organised to.

The curved supports are rusting at the joints

The curved supports are rusting at the joints

The big football stadium in Rio, not Maracanã that’s out of action being refurbished and rebuilt for the World Cup and the Olympics, the other one – Engenhão that was built for the games in 2007. They’ve found rusting cracks in the supports for the gigantic roof. The stadium has been closed for safety reasons as two out of three reports indicate that a high wind could topple it. Another stone in the Brazilian shoe for the games.

Oh, the world is just full of wonderful news.

I have to get ready for work.