humpdaykid-largeYes, it’s Wednesday, almost over the hump.

This week is not a beefless week, I had a wonderful homemade prime meat hamburger on Monday night for supper. Tuesday was my big sushi day for the month with a brie snack for supper, and today it will be chili con carne (yet to be made) for lunch.

Lixo was a great help yesterday while I was away in town, I came home and found him doing the ironing again. He’s such a good cat.




Lixo doing the ironing, press pressed T-shirts

Lixo doing the ironing, fresh pressed T-shirts

On Monday I found something strange on another blog. The blog doesn’t have any content, not a single post. But the About page, which has the default WP blurb, had a lot of likes.

Default 'About' page with 19 likes

Default ‘About’ page with 19 likes

This puzzles me. Is this proof that people press ‘like’, just for the sake of pressing ‘like’ ?

Or are there really people out there who like the WP default blurb?

What’s the reason behind this?

I have had two lessons today. One has already cancelled.

I really must get some blogging done because today has been mostly nap. I was deprived of my nappability yesterday. In fact I would still have been napping if my student hadn’t rung to cancel.