Back to boring.

Yesterdays reblog got 15 likes… I’m jealous.


For one year blogging

I have found out that WordPress sends out little badges when you have been blogging for a year… I didn’t get one and I have a few blogs that are more than a year old;

I’m sulking, alright?

I walked to work, got my pay, bus to town, paid my rent. That was half my pay gone. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

I pay my rent near Brazeiro restaurant, 50metres no less. It was such a temptation and being a beef-eating week, I was sorely tempted. But I stuck to my original plan and went to a cheaper restaurant which also has BBQ. It was so crowded that I couldn’t get near the BBQ bit, so I had fish for lunch; and beer of course.

I got home with a full belly, and could only think of naptime.

Soon, it will be worktime. Two out of three students have cancelled, so only one class and then home for beer o’clock.

Now I must off and do my #FFs.