Yes, want one!

Saw this while I was browsing yesterday. Although grill plates on left would probably be replaced by pizza oven…

Who needs a garage anyway? I don’t have a car, it only serves to dry my washing on the line when it rains like yesterday.

Actually, it could be built and not encroach on the car parking space. Have to think more about that.

Fourteen bloggers ‘Liked’ my post HungWon-on yesterday, now I’m not complaining, I liked getting so many ‘Likes’ a good half dozen more than my posts normally attract. It has, however, left me grappling with the horns with a dilemma; did they like in sympathy, or were they chortling about an old fool. The latter was reinforced in a letter I got from my younger brother (I am 60+, he is 60-, will be 60 this year) when he referred to “my dotage”.

FalseTeethMy dotage… I was always under the impression that one was in their dotage as they became a little dependent, a little wobbly on their pins, forgetful where they put their beer, unable to spell certain words (I just had 3 attempts to get ‘forgetful’ right, but that was a typo – OKAY?) and mumbling when they speak because they forgot their false teeth.

Couldn’t resist that image… LOL

And, and… use a walking stick. Okay, so I use a walking stick, that’s only 20% of the way to dotage. I’m not there yet!

banhaMoving right along. I almost committed a heinous crime. This is my second ‘beefless‘ week of the month in my resolve to limit the amount of beef I am responsible for. I planned lunch, a lovely pork roast that would warm the cockles of my heart today being coolish, cold sliced pork to go with a salad on a day not cool like today and at least two days of pork sandwiches for nibbles. Then I realised I was going to use beef dripping to cook it in the roasting dish. See how easy it is to fall into little traps. Yes, I buy my dripping, because I don’t roast enough to collect the real McCoy. I used to buy pork lard, but I just recently discovered that the green pack was beef dripping, much preferred because of the flavour. So in the spirit of the ‘beefless‘ week, I will dry roast it and save the lard produced.

stopbelievinginsantaMonday, so far it has been an unMondayish Monday, but there’s plenty of time yet for it to be a Mondaylike Monday.

I’ll leave you with a thought for the week.

Ever wonder why you get socks and underwear for Christmas as an adult?

It’s because you grew up and  adults lack imagination.