expensivetomatoI haven’t decided what to write about yet. The chances are that it will be about the tomato crisis that we are currently suffering here in Brazil, seeing how I have already chosen the image.

I have mentioned this in the past, that tomatoes have become horrendously expensive.

Normally they are about R$1 – R$1.50 a kilo. They have shot up varyingly to between R$6-R$10/kg. The supermarket cashier looks at me strangely when I arrive with ONE tomato. Tomatoes have become the new ‘gold’ here in Brazil. Some restaurants have even removed tomato bearing items off the menu.

If I didn’t write about tomatoes, I may have written about how I served Lixo’s milk on the floor today.



It wasn’t intentional, as I stood after pouring some in his dish, I stumbled. He looked at the milk, then up at me and ‘meow’, which I interpreted as “WTF?” To which I replied that he shouldn’t “meow” over spilt milk.

Then again, I could write about the annoying phone call I had at 11am while I was napping. On checking the number the prefix was 11. Now 11 is São Paulo, I don’t know anyone in SP, nor why anyone would be calling me from there. I hung up. I fully suspect it was a scam from a prison, they are very common; you are told that a relative has been kidnapped and unless you deposit R$XXXX in a bank account they will die. They also come in the form of SMSs telling that you have won a prize and that you have to ring a number to confirm your claim. All bullshit, and the corrupt prison system here can’t/doesn’t do anything to prevent it. Most of Brazil’s crime syndicates are run from prisons via cellphones too, ordering crimes, reprisals and killings.

aenosBut then, I could write about the wonderful pizza I made last night. Ham with Camembert cheese. At 3am it gave me gas… and made me get up for a glass on Enos. Which reminded me about the old school joke based on an Enos TV ad, “If the bottom is falling out of your world, drink Enos and let the world fall out of your bottom.”

I could of course tell you that I don’t know yet if I have a student tonight.

But none of the above is appealing as post material, so I won’t bother with a post today, just like yesterday and Wednesday.

See you tomorrow…