Basically it means ‘fired’ for the team’s benefit. That’s as near as I can figure it out.

No, I haven’t been fired. I just found this phrase when I was reading that HSBC hasn’t ‘fired’ 3,000 employees, they’ve been ‘demised’. The moment I saw it, I loved it and had to use it.

Dead-Hard-DriveLate start this morning. I was awake until well after the witching hour swapping and changing hard drives in an effort to squeeze some more juice out of them and save lost files. I did find some forgotten files, but not the ones I had hoped for.

Using software has now become not an option. The next step is surgery. I have one drive that just ‘clicks’ and isn’t recognised. I have great hopes of curing this clickiness.

I eventually surfaced about 10am and being Wednesday, my first post is Change the World Wednesday on Eco-Crap.

I got that far when I read the news as I intensified the morning with coffee and realised that it was actually no longer morning.

I have washed no dishes, I have prepared no lunch. I have fed Lixo, I’d never hear the end of it if I hadn’t.

I have stuff to do, can’t sit here all day, although I probably will. Such is the life of a blogger.