He even gets to pee on something new

Is one where both parties benefit in some way from each other.

Take my relationship with Lixo, for example.

I need nothing.

Lixo wants food, comfort and a medical plan (not Obamacare).

We both get what we need.

Today has just frittered away, it’s already 1:30, lunch is still in the oven, a pork roast.

I have had one of those days consulting the great god google. I put a phrase in the search and see what comes up. I have been looking for repurposing and recycling thisngs like computers, pianos and other junk. It’s surprising what comes up. It’s also a great way to waste a day.

I have discovered that now I need a new stove. This is the second time I have cooked a roast and noticed the smell of gas. Not enough to explode, but sufficient for a headache. I have opened all the windows to air the house, but a woozy head is not a nice sensation.

reverseI often have weird thoughts.

Like the one I had when I saw this meme thingy.

What would happen if animals treated us humans as we treat them?

The leopard has every right to her thong.

We don’t have a very good track record when it comes to such things.

Imagine a rhinoceros wanting human noses, or elephants wanting to rip out our teeth to make ornaments, song birds wanting to keep us in cages for amusement… the list goes on.

*Involuntary shudder*


This is what my roast pork looked like an hour and a half ago. The garlic is already done and the kitchen smells divine. The meat should be ready about now, so…