feetscalesYup, that Monday thing.

So far nothing has gone wrong… I am waiting patiently.

Well, sort of. I arranged my work hours so they were uniform during the week, when my last factory student went to France for two years. Then I was informed over the weekend I have a new student at the factory, so my Monday and Tuesday hours get shifted to accommodate the new student. Nothing is ever simple.

I have new tomato plants growing. Which means in a few weeks I’ll have free tomatoes. I had a half-used one on the fridge, so I squeezed it over the compost heap and now have a dozen 4″ tomato seedlings on the way.

I had a break and read the news, then I had a nap and read the news again; it’s still bad everywhere.

Guess what’s for lunch?

That’s right, feijoada. I have this huge pot full to eat. Tomorrow I’ll have to freeze it for the weekend, because it won’t last.