friday25First it was Monday. Then we had a holiday Wednesday, and now it’s Friday already.

Mind you, I’m not complaining!

I’m always pleased to see Friday. Especially this Friday, because I have no classes today.

The weekend is already underway.

I finally managed to get the BBQ dishes finished. I have been to the supermarket.

I increased my wine collection by three…


And as soon as I stop blathering here, I’m off to cook lunch.

Yesterday during my peregrination I bought one of these…



When I got home, I turned it into these…


Lixo will be pleased, because he gets the scraps of raw fish as I slice the fillets into a friable size.

Now It will become this…

Fish and Chips

Fish ‘n Chips

Doesn’t that look yummy?

The rest of the day will be spent – relaxing!

I may/may not get some more blogging done. I have a swag of likes and comments to reply to. I always, well, nearly always visit the blogs of those who comment/like, so there is a lot to do today and I still have three blogs to post on and a nap to have.

That should take me through to dark.