Strange use of the language

Yes, it exists. Dental Uranus is a dental clinic in Shopping Downtown (Downtown Mall) in Rio de Janeiro.

I wasn’t aware that Uranus had teeth, let alone mine…

I have much to do today and the chances are that it could culminate in a late lunch with wine.

1. Pay the rent. Last time I went to pay the rent I discovered that they had extended their lunch hour by an hour and therefore closed for two hours.

2. Get passport photo taken. I have no idea where yet, need to search.

3. Buy Enos.

4. Buy another shark. (see previous posts) and probably some linguado (sole fillets – halibut). It’s a beefless week, need fish to live on.

5. See if I can make it to lunch before the legs give out on me.

I used to have one of these… Never considered it as a car worth customising.

DeSoto56 modified

1956 De Soto