apizzaTo announce…


Yes, I have just put a pizza in the oven. Not sure what flavour you’d call it. It has a bit of most things from the fridge apart from the mandatory cheese and oregano. I found bacon, olives, mushrooms, salami, shredded bologne and tomato.

I see Cannes is fraught with problems, jewelry theft, shooting. I have as much interest in Cannes as I have exploring under my sofa; in fact the latter might well be more exciting. Honestly, I can’t see the necessity for a few films and film stars who think their shit doesn’t stink. Cannes, I lump with the Oscars, BAFTA, all unnecessary bullshit. People would be better putting their energies into ousting the current run of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, they’re all as useless as tits on a bull.


Scene from Ken Loach’s The Angel’s Share

In fact speaking of Cannes and yesterdays subject of choice. Ken Loach shows that the Scots really know how to put on a sneaky nuts display.

Well, the pizza was a success. That is, if you measure success by the fact that it was edible.

I was watching TV while eating, a Saturday variety programme called Calderão (Melting Pot). This week they are promoting ‘dancing’ not normal dancing but the roll-on-the-floor and squirm type dancing. Like this…


I chose a short example to be mercifully quick.

I see absolutely nothing of merit here. To call this dancing is to besmirch an eloquent art, samba is dancing, tango is dancing, salsa is dancing… the above is crap, even the music is crap, it is a cacophony of sound without merit.

The TV is still on, I can hear the fans roaring with approval, which to me only demonstrates that the educational levels in Brazil are plummeting below primitive.

My torre has been assembled. Top shelf, bottles of wine, second shelf, bottles of spirits and liqueurs, third shelf, glassware, bottom shelf, books.

It doesn’t look that tall in the photo, but it is my height 5’9″ (175cm).

I am a happy camper.

Cold front arrived yesterday. Temps plummeted 11°C from previous days. Rained, rained some more and is still drizzling.

Been a good day for blogging, this is my last post of the day. Most of the posts were ‘Satireday’ posts, easy, but finding interesting material can take time.

That’s all for today.