Chilled nuts

Have you ever chilled your nuts?

You chill beer before drinking, you chill white wine, why not chill your nuts?

I am experimenting with that tonight.

I have a bottle of malt beer that I found in the supermarket today in the fridge, and I have my nuts in the freezer.

All set for the football (soccer for our American cousins) game tonight; Olímpia from Paraguay and Fluminense from Brazil. I’m not a Fluminense fan, but when it comes to international matches, I root for the Brazilian team.

I pondered the possibilities of an empty fridge yesterday, and headed off to the supermarket. As luck would have it a taxi rounded the corner at the same time as I did.

“Brazeiro!” I said to the driver. That was 2pm, we were at the restaurant quickly, I would still have been walking to get transport to the supermarket. A much better idea.

Four hours later, I arrived home. Now that was a good lunch.

Football is due to start.

Be back tomorrow.