Every home, office and factory should have one.

Once Monday is deactivated the coffee machine starts automatically.

OMG, I need one of these.

We’re back to inclement weather. The sun has gone, but we did have a fine weekend.

The new Maracanã football stadium saw it’s first official game yesterday. Brazil vs England 2-2.


Still, a draw is better than getting your nose rubbed first time up in a multimillion dollar refurbish, and that looked like a definite possibility until very late in the second half.

I slept through the first half; an afternoon nap. I woke to 0-0 half time, so I missed little.

Lunch yesterday, hamburgers and wine, dinner yesterday, hamburgers and beer. I didn’t feel like doing anything extravagant, but at least I didn’t repeat the lunchtime wine, that’s what made me sleepy and miss the first half.

This is my ‘beefless‘ week, so lunch today, ham and mushroom quiche. *Looks at clock* Time I made the pastry. No wine today, I have classes.

Still no sign of my Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine, however, I still have hopes to see him as a moth. How long do they remain as a chrysalis? I must google that.


Rolinha roxa

I swept the yard yesterday, including the remains of some of Lixo’s hunting activities, two birds and a mouse. No sooner did I turn my back and there were feathers everywhere!

He’d caught another rolinha. They’re the main ones he catches, the other birds are too smart.

They’re a sort of dovey kind of bird.

Back to sweeping the yard again. Lixo sat and watched, quite disgusted that I would treat his trophy like that. On to the compost heap and buried, quite undignified.

Must off and make pastry.