WhatADayYes, lethargy and stuff. It’s been a mixed up week. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday blogging was only superficial at best.

Thursday and Friday were the worst.

I had an offer to teach mornings again, and my financial situation dictates that I accept. It’s only two hours, 8 – 10, but it means getting up early and although I am a morning person I don’t do compulsory waking well anymore. So it takes a bit to get me firing on all cylinders.

DepressoCoffee to be made, blogs to check, comments to reply, links to follow, etc. You’re bloggers, you know how it is.

Then there’s making myself presentable, that means looking like a teacher before 10am, not an easy task.

That’s not the end of it. I have to catch the bus, remember where to get off, walk into the factory…. Oh depresso! To top it all off, I’m expected to teach!

I get home about 10:45, and I’m stuffed, I just want to sleep again. Blogging, don’t even think about it.

I have the next week off mornings, my student has a prearranged trip away, and I have class with him only on Friday, so the ‘normal’ drive will kick in, providing I can get over Monday, that’s usually a rough one.

So, absences like the last couple of days, maybe become necessary. I certainly hope they will not be days in succession like this week. Got to keep a stiff upper lip, that’s my British forebears coming out. Cant’ go whimpering to Mum, sadly she’s not with me anymore.

notatstelikebaconApart from my rant, there’s not a lot going on. My Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine is still out of sight. Lixo has got the snots with me, last night I went to throw out a couple of slices of ham that had been in the fridge a few days too long, he wanted it, he got it, and he ate it. This morning cat biscuits just didn’t cut it, he wanted ham. I should buy a big pig and out it in the yard; “You wanted ham… that’s ham!” and see what he makes of that.

After blogging today, I got all blogs posted, I sat in the praça after lunch, and the BOA Antarctica van turned up at the botequim and started blasting preamble music. Just damned peachy! That means at least four hours of deafening music aimed at my house, reason to evacuate. I went home and had a nap, on waking, it was delightful silence, the van had gone. Someone is smiling upon me.

*Looks at clock*

Must be beer o’clock.