humor162But before we go in to that, I need a coffee refill.


Back with the aforementioned coffee. Now where was I? Ah yes, the cunning plan. It’s a plan so cunning…

Do you remember, or know of Blackadder?

Sir Edmund Blackadder is perfect British humour. I loved the series as it tracked the Blackadders through history.

Here’s a clip about a cunning plan.

Now that you understand a cunning plan. I’ll tell you mine.

Brazeiro, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

Brazeiro, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

I am going to escape the drudgery of staying at home on a Sunday and blogging. I am going out for lunch. As today is my last day of my ‘beef’ week, I am going out for a rodizio BBQ at Brazeiro, my favourite restaurant at the end of the known world situated on Esquena da pecado (Sin Corner).

It is the perfect ‘dead cow’ experience, although it also serves dead pig, dead chicken and dead sauasages.

Lunch will include a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, or tankards of beer; I haven’t decided yet. I am expecting a fellow teacher colleague, friend to be in attendance as well, although she hasn’t confirmed yet.

Lixo - Baby photo

Lixo – Baby photo

Most of you know that I have a big ginger tomcat named Lixo (Rubbish) named so because of the circumstances in which I found him. The young lady, of Friday’s acquaintance, in formed me on hearing the tale that I should have named him Reciclagem (Recycle) because he was Lixo, but I recycled him to pet status, but Reciclagem doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as Lixo, so he stays my little ‘rubbish’.

The photo is of when he was a little rubbish, he’s a big boy now. Quite a respectable Tomcat, and heavy.

Must away, desmellify, and make myself presentable.