coffeeNWonderful man is Percy.

Found this definition today.

Oh how true that is.

I stole purloined it from Living Simply Free, her Friday roundup post offers a lot of good links.

Leftovers for lunch today. It was one of those inspirational meals where you open the fridge door and throw whatever you see on the grill.

What did I see? Well, sliced fatty ham, chicken roll, last of the sliced cheese, open bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (ah, that didn’t reach the grill… what do you think I am, stupid? <— rhetorical question). I toasted the last hamburger bun, mustard on the bottom, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce on the top, slapped everything else in the middle.

Now my fridge is officially empty.

Which is a good reason to eat out tomorrow and shop on Monday.

The Brazilian protests continue, the president, Blonde Bimbo Dilma, gave a speech to the nation last night on the telly. In it she offered the people the kitchen scraps from the table; There were more scraps in my leftoverburger.

I quite agree with her, and the rest of the populace, that the violence is reprehensible. There have been many cases where the legitimate protestors have turned against the vandals.

FIFA’s anus is quivering over the protests.

Today is another footy match; Brazil vs Italy, I believe a draw or a win will ensure Brazil’s continued presence in the cup.

Yesterday I discovered a plant that eats sheep… yes, it dines on sheep. Puya chilensis eats sheep I knew about plants like the Venus fly trap and pitcher plants, but never imagined one could digest sheep whole.

Managed Satireday posts on all blogs today, my students came late and left. I am going to have a glass of chilled Chateau Neuf de River Water and a nap before the footy.