It wasn’t quite a ‘rip whoosh thud’ affair, but they did, they fell down.

I have borne a relatively prominent paunch since 2004. I paunched as a result of yet another attempt to give up smoking.

Caught with pants downIn 1997, when I lived in Bolivia, I was a trim 76kg (160lbs +/-), my current weight has been around 120kgs, most of it in the front-end loader; and I have been using size 54 jeans and they have been a snug fit.

Yesterday when I arrived home, flicked the switch on the monitor and undid my belt as I prepared to shed my outer ‘fur’. Something in my mailbox caught my eye and I leaned forward to click the mouse on it; that’s when it happened. My pants fell down around my ankles.

Sagging, bloody pathetic!

Sagging, bloody pathetic!

No, I haven’t taken to ‘sagging’, that is disgusting.

Until this happened, my belt was mainly decorative, it wasn’t necessary to hold my pants up due to the snug fit.

It dawned on me that I am losing weight!

Life is full of little surprises. I am happy.

My weekend has started.

First successful task of the weekend was a nap; executed perfectly.

Lunch (at 5pm) two homemade bacon & cheese hamburgers with coleslaw.

Went shopping, bought some clothes, including a Brazilian national team T-shirt, seeing how Brazil has made it to the finals of the Confederations Cup, I thought it necessary. Got a set of eight wine glasses, some underpants (to make me feel good all under) and a potato masher. Talk about heavy duty therapy. Felt good.

Almost as good as discovering that my ample girth is becoming a waist again.