I want a pair of these, but slightly more masculine in colour

Yes, another Monday.

They happen every week, you know?

This week is no different.

Last night was brilliant. Brazil managed to give the favourites, Spain, a sound thrashing; 3-0, and win the Confederations Cup at Maracanã, considered the home ground of Brazilian soccer.

I had a bottle of fizzy wine with me at the botequim to open for the first Brazilian goal. I was opening it within two minutes of kick off as Brazil managed their first goal.

Brazil needed this win to uplift their self-esteem which has suffered in recent years.  Brazilians needed to undent their dented egos in preparation for the World Cup next year.

Look at the colour difference

Look at the colour difference

My Saturday students came and went for their last lesson for two months. They brought me a half dozen farm fresh eggs. Now that doesn’t sound like a grand present, but it was wonderful. I had three Sunday and three today with my bacon.

The dark rich colour of the farm fresh eggs when compared to the insipid yellow of the battery raised ones. They even tasted different. I had forgotten. Today’s ‘progress’ has made us forget real food.

Time is marching on. If I don’t get this post up, you won’t get it today.

Time is short tomorrow, probably see you Wednesday.